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Reiki is a form of therapeutic practice based on the channeling of universal good energy to promote energy balance, relaxation and physical, mental and emotional healing. It's a holistic healing method that aims to revitalize the body, calm the mind and promote overall well-being.

Find your balance, energy & happiness, the natural way

About me

My name is Tobias Hourst, I'm Swiss and French, I'm an Archangel, Reiki Master Healer, & Soul Transmitter, certified by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). I'd be happy to help you find balance, joie de vivre, happiness, power and harmony in your life and body.

How it works

Reiki can be practised at a distance and has the same effect: Divine energy transcends space-time.

An energy session takes place in several stages. Some will be specific to your needs, which we will assess at the beginning of a session.


Getting to know each other & Meditation

We'll start by getting to know each other. We'll talk about where you're going, and what you need.


Meditation, Energy, Archangels, Symbols and Mantras

Following the analysis at the beginning of the session, we'll begin an adapted meditation. We'll channel Reiki energy through symbols and mantras, and I'll probably show you some self-healing Reiki gestures that you can do on yourself. We can also call in an Archangel if required.


Aura cleansing

We finish by anchoring to the root chakra and bringing back to earth any negative residues that may be on the aura. The earth will transform them into positive energies.



Among other things, I have experience in lithotherapy, Bach flowers, certain shamanic practices and shadow work.

We can end the session with a Tarot reading.


As a bonus, I'll email you 7 meditations, one for each Chakra, to listen to whenever you like.

1 Moon frequency meditation Moonto help you attract wealth and abundance.

And 1 meditation Full Moon to help you relax, let go and manisfest your most elusive desires and cravings.

If you only wish to receive the Moon frequency meditation, you can download it by clicking on the button below.

The price of a 30-45 minute Reiki session is CHF 44.

The number 4 symbolizes organization and the Archangels

You can pay in 4x using Paypal, which costs CHF 11 per month for 4 months.

"Reiki is like a gentle ray of light that penetrates the darkness of our being, awakening our inner strength, restoring harmony and guiding our path to healing."

- Reiki Practitioner Unknown

My practice

Make an appointment

Once the appointment has been booked, you will receive an email with the following link Zoom. You can indicate your intention for the session by contacting me by email.

If for any reason the appointment has to be cancelled, we can either reschedule the session or you can request a refund.

If you have any questions, please contact me on or WhatsApp.

With LoveTobias.